Christopher Fahey Sculpture and Painting NY Instagram Page


Christopher Fahey works across media in the areas of sculpture, painting, and drawing.

His work often manipulates various materials to produce unusual forms of a biomorphic/organic nature. His inspiration in discovering such forms comes from a patient but insistent combination of seemingly dissonant shapes and materials that are manipulated through intuitive, gestural cuts and manual craftsmanship.

Born in 1983 in NJ, Christopher graduated with a BA (in English) from Providence College in 2005 and a BFA (in painting) from Pratt Institute in 2011.

He started out painting on canvas and board, and actively studied museum collections in Europe and the United States, prior to his formal arts education.

His work has grown and changed considerably in that time. His professional work experience as a conservation technician and art handler have contributed to Christopher Fahey’s inspiration and self-awareness, through the daily hands-on exposure to many humbling works of art-historical significance.

His three-dimensional sculpture works have been the product of his labor-intensive studio life from late 2011 to present. Moving forward, he intends to maintain the simultaneity of his exuberance for intuitive craft and his patience for the precariousness of the editing process.